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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Luke 2 Several Witnesses

Luke 2 is full of witnesses of the Savior's divinity. The Shepherds came and told Mary and Joseph of their witness. The proclaimed that Jesus really is who they knew him to be.

It is interesting to me that the angel proclaiming Christ's birth used a saying common among the Bedouins to announce the birth of a child. Those helping the mother give birth would come and say "We bring yo good news of a great joy, for to you is born this day..." (Black, 20). I like how the angel used a greeting familiar to the people of the time.

Of course, the greeting of the angel was different. It proclaimed that the birth was not just to the father, but to all people. The angel added that it was not just a son, but "a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

Mary and Joseph also received two more witnesses of Christ's divinity and mission. Anna and Simeon both testified to them. The scriptures say that Mary pondered these things in her heart. I like to think that our Heavenly Father was showing Mary some mercy by these witnesses. Perhaps their testimonies helped sustain her through the difficult culmination of Christ's life when she witnessed his death.

I know that when I am going through difficult times, I often like to reflect upon the witnesses I received at the outset. For example, no matter what happens in my life, I know that Martin and I were right for each other. When trials come, as they do in all lives, I am grateful that I know I made the right choice. It strengthens me to continue with faith in the Lord and his plan.

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